Sound Pump and Equipment Services

We provide a wide array of services to help your growing business perform efficiently. We pride ourselves in building great customer relationships by providing excellent service. Give us a call and we can come out and give you a quote on what you need done.

Equipment Installation:

Is your shop ready for more volume or just more air? We can hard-plumb fuel, oil, grease, antifreeze, air lines and reels for your shop.

We build custom oil tanks, waste oil tanks and fuel tanks for your shop and yard.

If you need a single or an array of pumps, we have oil, grease, waste oil, antifreeze and fuel pumps on hand and ready to keep you running.

Safe and reliable fuel management for your on-site fuel tank.

Equipment Maintenance:

We can fully repair any system we install.

Updating your current system? We can keep you moving forward before something sets you back.

Pump repair can be done on site and at our shop here in Auburn.

Fuel station repairs including fuel filters, hoses, nozzles, swivels, and breakaways.

Calibration is important when tracking your petroleum for sale or for your own records. We can calibrate your meter to keep you on track.

Are you handy? If you are capable, we have parts for many makes and models of oil and fuel systems.

Transcube Rental:

We offer options for fuel storage either onsite or at your location.

Our transcube program is available to rent or purchase.

Each rental cube comes with a 12V pump and 20ft hose, we deliver and install on site.

Portable tanks available for use throughout job sites with tank monitoring solutions that provide visibility regardless of location.

Storage Tank:

Regardless of what type of fuel you store on site, count on us to provide prompt, efficient bulk delivery. Let us create a customized plan that makes sense for your business.

Tank Monitoring:

With our unique inventory management program you can easily track the location and fuel level for each of your tanks.

We will monitor your tank levels and automate your orders and deliveries with guaranteed reliability.