Fueling Storage Equipment Products

Fluid Petroleum storage comes in many forms and we try to find or build the right tank for your fueling and lubricating needs.

Available Fueling Storage Equipment

Delta: Truck Bed Tanks

  • 498000 – 98gal L Style Slip Tank: Short/Long Bed Pickup
  • 484000 – 96gal Rectangle Style Slip Tank
  • 485000 – 50gal Square Slip Tank

Fuel Cube: Mobile On-Site Double Wall Tanks

  • FCP250 – 250gal w/pump compartment
  • FCP500 – 500gal w/pump compartment
  • FCP1000 – 1000gal w/pump compartment

New and Used 275gal Oval Tanks

  • Typically used for home heating, these tanks can be suitable for storing many fluids.

New and used 300gal Bench tanks: Single/Double Wall

  • Mainly used in shops for transferring oil, we have built them for personal use as well.

New Petroleum Handling Tanks

  • We can quote any size, any shape, and to the specs that you need.

Retrofit Your Current Tank With a New System
This tank has been fitted with a 200 gallon per minute pump and filter. There is no limit to what we can fit with your current tank assembly.

On-Site Servicing Available

We can fully service any system we install and sell a full range of parts for many of the systems out there. Loaned equipment is available so you don’t have to be down while repairs are being made. Call our office at 253-735-0966 and we can help you.